Violence in Video Games

I grew up into a gaming family. I had three older brothers, all of them loved playing games. I could never play any games my parents deemed too violent, but I could watch my brothers play them. It was always a weird thing in my mind. As I got older I questioned my mother’s method behind this as to why I was not able to play such games with them, but was able to watch them. I think that violent games should be targeted towards older people. Younger kids would not be able to distinguish between real life and fantasy since their brains are not as developed yet. I think they will grow up with some more violent behavior, but not enough to commit dangerous acts.

I do not think that violent video games should be banned permanently. I believe parents should do a better job restricting access to such games with too much adult content. Companies and retail stores can only do so much to restrict access to these games, which leaves family and friends at fault for granting such to the younger generations. Violent games help relieve some built up anger in people who do not have ways of expressing their emotions in other ways.


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